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Pepper in the form of a tooth - illustration of Spicy Food After Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

Tips For When You Can Eat Spicy Food After Having Wisdom Teeth Removed [Tested]

Wisdom teeth extraction is a surgical procedure that removes up to four of them at the same time, also known as third molars, that is no longer required by your body.

These teeth typically appear in the back of your mouth and can cause gum irritation or crowding of the teeth when they’re impacted or not removed at an early age.

Like any surgery, wisdom extraction has its own set of risks and recovery times. To ensure a smooth healing process and faster recovery, it’s important to follow post-surgery instructions diligently.

One of the most important things you can do after having the teeth removed is to watch what you eat and how to eat it but mostly, when can you eat spicy food after the removal process? I mean, I love spicy food, so I had to ask myself this question way back when I got it done.

I remember very well that day, back in 1999 when I had it done…it wasn’t the most glorious day of my life.

Let’s get into it for when you can eat spicy food after having wisdom teeth removed…and much more information!

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What happens during the tooth extraction procedure

After wisdom teeth are removed, you may experience some pain and discomfort, lots of pain in my case.

At the dentist’s office, the dentist will numb the area with an anesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort.

Three common methods

  1. Basic anesthetic numbing
  2. Nitrous Oxide a.k.a. laughing gas
  3. Complete Anesthesia


After the tooth is removed, the dentist will clean and stitch the wound, checking for any bleeding or irritation.

After undergoing tooth extraction surgery, you may be feeling tired, sore and super confused. Usually, you must have a buddy with you in order to drive you back home.

The dentist will prescribe pain medication to help with any discomfort. As you recover from your tooth extraction surgery, it’s important to follow your dentist’s instructions carefully and take all of your prescribed medications as directed.

This will help ensure a quick recovery and minimal discomfort.

Foods to avoid after wisdom teeth removal

After the wisdom teeth removal, it is important to follow a food guide to help prevent post-operative complications.

Avoid acidic foods like citrus fruits, vinegar, and tomatoes as these can irritate the healing sockets. Also, avoid solid food such as chewy or crunchy foods that can get stuck in the socket as these can cause pain and discomfort or even pop your stitches.

Avoid all kinds of spice food…for now! Don’t worry, read below.

So When Can I Eat Spicy Food After Teeth Removal?

Spicy foods may also cause pain and irritation, so it is best to avoid spicy food while healing from wisdom tooth surgery.

Additionally, hot liquids should be avoided as they can burn the mouth or tongue when numb from anesthesia. You should “eat” or drink your food for the next 48 hours, then gradually start eating somewhat normally on the third day.

So basically, eat your spicy food and hot sauces in nothing shorter than three days after you have the surgery done.

It is important to follow these tips to ensure the healing process goes smoothly and without any complications.

Why Spice Harms the Healing Process?

Spicy food can cause excessive bleeding and swelling in the mouth, leading to mouth pain, difficulty swallowing, and a sore throat.

Irritation of the wound might also cause gum bleeding and swelling. Eating spicy food can delay the healing process of the wound as it causes inflammation in the gums and jaw area.

However, spicy food also leads to an increased risk of infection if consumed after wisdom teeth extraction. To avoid any complications, it is best to refrain from spicy food following wisdom teeth removal.

Speeding Up Recovery: How to Get Back to Normal Faster!

vanilla ice cream in a cup - cartoonish

Stick to soft foods, such as mashed potatoes, applesauce, porridge (oatmeal), yogurt and believe it or not, ice cream (just don’t go nuts on that one)

These dishes are easy on your mouth and can help soothe any soreness caused by eating hot foods. This will help minimize the chance of mouth irritation and toothache.

Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and help your food go down easier, and by fluids, I’m referring to water and not cola or Redbull which would most likely get you back at the emergency.

This will ensure that your mouth is well-hydrated and less prone to dryness.

By following these tips, you can enjoy spicy foods back after the no-touch period of about three days after wisdom teeth removal without suffering from mouth irritation or toothache.

Take Prescribed Medicine

To speed up recovery from wisdom teeth removal, it is essential to take prescribed painkillers (pain medication) or antibiotics medications as recommended by your dentist.

If you have no access to prescribed pain medicine, Advil (ibuprofen) would be the best to reduce inflammation and pain, which is usually in the isles of any pharmacies out there, at least, in America!

Additionally, ice packs can help reduce swelling and inflammation in the area.

Be Gentle When Cleaning Your Mouth

It’s vital to take care of your oral health, even when in pain, including brushing your teeth gently and using a toothbrush with soft bristles. Additionally, rinsing your mouth with warm water and salt after eating can help reduce the risk of tooth pain and infection.

To speed up recovery and get back to normal faster, follow these oral care tips after having wisdom teeth removed.

Avoid Alcohol For At Least 3 Days After the Extraction.

Although this is a given, I guess I have to tell you that one as well.

As it can interfere with the healing process and can also have interactions with medications that you may be taking, alcohol can cause dehydration and can increase the risk of bleeding and swelling at the extraction site because it can thin the blood and interfere with blood clotting.

It can also impair your judgment and delay your recovery. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions and to take care of yourself during the recovery period to ensure a smooth and successful recovery.

In a Nutshell

While wisdom tooth extraction is a routine process, most of the time, eating spicy food after the extraction of wisdom teeth can make the recovery time longer.

You can avoid complications by taking care of yourself during recovery. Follow your dentist’s instructions and drink plenty of water for an easier recovery.

It’s also important to avoid chewing hard foods and excessively tightening your mouth during the healing process. If you are looking for more information, make sure to talk to the specialist that will do the tooth removal.

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