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food wax melts on the top of a table with strawberries-cinnamon buns and bacon in white plates-Christmas theme

22 Fake Food Wax Melts And Scented Candles For Christmas! You Won’t Believe Number 9

Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to impress your family than by buying some amazing fake food wax melts as the perfect centrepiece, or to give out as a gift?

I’ve got you covered with twenty-two amazing fake food wax melts and scented candles that look so real, that you just want to eat them (DON’T).

From bacon to cinnamon buns, I’ve got something for everyone.

Get creative and give your nose a very pleasant threat for Christmas – Indulge!

Disclaimer and disclosure: I do not earn any commissions for referring these candle and food wax melts and all the images are the property of the source mentioned and linked below the images.

Do NOT eat any of these. 

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What Is Food Wax Melts Anyway?

Made from natural ingredients such as vegetal wax, these melts are easy to use – just use an electric warmer or a candle-powered warmer and you are on your way to a nice treat.

Plus, they come in an unlimited variety of flavours, including pumpkin, chocolate, coffee and cinnamon, so you can find the perfect one for your picky nose.

Make sure to read the safety instructions before using them, as ingestion of food wax melts can be dangerous for children, and adults if consumed liberally.

In the meantime, pour yourself a nice glass of eggnog and wait for the magic to happen!


What are the ingredients in fake food wax melts?

As fake food wax melts are meant to be used as a decoration for your house, or car (who knows), it is important to know what ingredients they contain. These products typically consist of vegetable oil, natural and synthetic waxes, as well as some fragrances and colourants and some other ingredients.

The specific ingredients in a wax melt may vary depending on the brand and type of wax used but most of them are soy wax melts.

Additionally, these melt quickly when they reach the right temperature and can become extremely hot- always use caution when melting wax!


How Do You Use Fake Food Wax Melts?

One of the things you may have forgotten is adding a layer of realism to your holiday decor. That’s where food wax melts come in! They smell like your favourite dishes, so it’s great for adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your house and your festivities.

But how do you use them?

Simply heat up the wax food melts in an electric or candle-powered wax warmer, and you’re good to go!


How to store your fake food wax melts?

Store them in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. I would recommend storing them in a seal-freezing quality Ziplock bag so it seals the odour and it won’t fade away over time.


Steps To Create Your Own Wax Melts

If you are interested in creating your own wax melts at home, there are several recipes that you can use that do not involve food items. Here is a basic recipe for making wax melts at home:


  • Wax (soy wax, beeswax, or paraffin wax can all be used)
  • Essential oils or fragrance oils (use about 10-15 drops per ounce of wax)
  • Dye (optional)



  1. Cut the wax into small pieces and place it in a heat-safe container.
  2. Place the container with the wax in a pot of water and heat the water over medium heat until the wax is fully melted.
  3. Stir in the essential oils or fragrance oils and the dye (if using).
  4. Pour the melted wax into a mold or onto a sheet of wax paper to harden.
  5. Once the wax is fully hardened, remove it from the mold or wax paper and cut it into small pieces. These pieces can then be used as wax melts in a wax melt burner.


Note: It is important to follow all safety precautions when melting wax, including using protective gear and ensuring that the area is well-ventilated.


 22 Food Wax Melts and Candles That Smell Or Look So Real

Christmas is almost here and what better way to celebrate than by giving your loved ones some amazing food wax melts or real food scent candles?

Seriously, these things are so cool! You got to get yourself some of these to impress your friends and family.


1. Bacon

“I can literally smell it on my screen and I totally want to lick it now.”

Fake Food Wax Melts - Bacon strips

Source: Candlechemistry


2. Toast & Egg Candle

“Double-Double please!”

Fake Food Wax Melts - Eggs & Toast

Source: – Seller UponScents


3. Garlic Bread

Not sure how badly I would like a candle that smells of garlic bread, but hey! Secret Santa maybe?

Food Scented Candle - Warm Garlic Bread

Source: – Seller Tracey Gurney


4. Cinnamon Rolls

Comes without calories and fat!

Cinnamon Rolls Wax Melts

Oh dear, please get me one pound of those.



5. Warm Apple pie

Can I get some Icecream with that, please?

warm Apple Pie Melts Tarts



6. Pumpkin pie

“Ready for a cold winter”

Pumpkin Pie Wax Melt Tarts

Source: – Seller ParrotSafeCandles


7. Beef Jerky

Not sure if they have the same amount of sodium as the real jerky version! Ah!

beef jerky wax melts

Source: – Seller GorillaCandles


8. Curry Spices

Well, although I love cooking with spices, not sure if I want the curry smell lingering in my house. But nonetheless, very interesting!

curry smell Scented Candle

Source: Stinky Candle Company


9. Elf Farts

Alright! That one got me cracking up. So is anyone got to track down an Elf, capture it and wait until they fart? Interesting! Santa must be the one that leaked that information!

elf farts Candle

Source: – Seller: Dirty Candle Company


10. Banana Nut Bread Cube

Ouf, double-chocolate chips in it?

banana nut Bread Melt Tarts

Source: – Seller: PrettyLikeLivvie


11. Chocolate Chip Cookies

No need to comment on that one, but I’d love the raw dough…or raw wax?

chocolat Chip Cookies Wax Melts 

Source: – Seller: PrettyLikeLivvie


12. Brownies Cube

Fewer calories, all in!

brownies food wax melts



13. Ice cream sundae

Cherry top not included.

ice-cream Sundae Candle Smell



14. Pineapple and rum waffles Soy Wax Melts

Double-shot, muy fuerte por favor!

pineapple and rum soy wax melts

Source: – Seller: Bubblerepublic


15. Vanilla Ice Cream Scented Wax Tarts

Going classic is a must

Vanilla Ice Cream Food Wax Melts Tarts



16. Wax Melt Tarts-Multiple scents

The wax tarts come in many scents (25+) such as blueberry muffins, cinnamon rolls, birthday cakes, and bubble gum.

wax tarts food melts



17. Marshmallow Crispies

Snap! Crackle! Pop! Anyone?

marshmallow crispies wax melts



18. Popcorn Melts

Triple extra butter, please!

popcorn melts



19. Blueberry Cheesecake Wickless Tarts

Your house will smell of blueberries for hours.

blueberry cheesecake wickless tarts



20. Strawberry

Yes, these are fake! Don’t you feel like popping a few in your mouth? But don’t!

strawberry Fake Food Wax Melts

Source: – Seller: Organicsbykash


21. Pistachio Pudding Cake Soy Candle With Wick

Another classic for your nose

pistachio Pudding Cake Candle with Wick



22. Strawberry Macaroon Food Wax Melts

Looks so cute, dare to melt them?

strawberry Macaroon food wax melts

Source: – Seller: TheWaxMeltClub

It looks like Etsy Sellers are super popular in terms of selling those amazing scented candles and fake food wax melts and most of them are free shipping in the U.S.A., unfortunately, you have to pay if you are in Canada for standard shipping.


In A Nutshell

Looking for the perfect way to impress your friends and family this Christmas? Look no further than an amazing food wax melt! These delicious scents will have everyone wondering where the smell comes from, and it’s so easy to create them yourself! From chicken curry to pumpkin spice latte, I’ve got a wax melt for every nose and every occasion. So what are you waiting for?

Get shopping for your wax melts and amazing scented candles today!

Write in the comments below what is your favourite in the list


Frequently Asked Questions

Are wax melts healthier than candles?

Wax melts definitely make for a healthier option than candles. Not only are they eco-friendly, toxin-free and made with soy wax and other natural oily ingredients, but they also have a longer burning time and can be used in almost any room of the house. Some of the many health benefits of using wax melts instead of regular candles include that they’re eco-friendly and toxin-free. Additionally, wax melts contain essential oils which add fragrance to your food, making them smell delicious!

What is the melting point of vegetable wax?

It depends on the ingredient. Here is a list of the principal ones.

  • Soy wax: 121-125°F (49-52°C)
  • Palm wax: 145-148°F (63-64°C)
  • Beeswax: 145-147°F (63-64°C)
  • Carnauba wax: 180-185°F (82-85°C)

Is eating candle wax food melts harmful?

Candle wax is not toxic per se, but it can cause a blockage if eaten in great quantity. I would recommend avoiding eating candle wax altogether to avoid any potential health risks and please keep it out of the reach of children. They smell so good, I swear you just want to eat them!


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