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Sterling Silver Necklace illustrating myths about sterling silver

6 Myths About Sterling Silver Jewelry Debunked

Sterling silver jewelry is a classic option for accessorizing any outfit. It’s a versatile material that can be used to create sophisticated and timeless pieces, making it a popular choice amongst all styles of dressers.

Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions on many myths about sterling silver that can make people hesitant to invest in it.

Let’s debunk six of the most common myths about sterling silver jewelry so that you can feel more confident when considering buying a piece for yourself or someone else.

I’ll also give you a few tips about cleaning your fine silver jewelry and proper care to prevent tarnishing.

So now, let’s tackle some silver myths.

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First Thing First:

What Is Sterling Silver and How Is It Made?

Sterling silver is made from an alloy of silver and other metals such as copper, nickel, zinc and/or other metal alloys.

This produces a durable metal that is less expensive than pure silver, making it more widely available to consumers.

To be called sterling silver, the jewelry must contain at least 92.5% silver, hence the tag 925 you can see someone on the piece of jewelry.

Myth 1: Sterling Silver Jewelry Is Too Fragile

Broken Fragile Silver

Sterling silver jewelry is actually very durable, in fact, it is more durable than pure silver* and resistant to wear and tear if it is taken care of properly.

This means avoiding harsh chemicals like chlorine and lotions, as these can cause discoloration or tarnishing over time.

Additionally, storing your jewelry away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat will help ensure its longevity.

It is also easier to repair and replace 925-grade silver than “pure silver” (999).

Taking the time to periodically clean your pieces with warm water and mild dish soap will also help keep them looking new for longer!

*There is no such thing as 100% pure silver. The maximum that can be created is 99.9% The rest is impurities.Wikipedia

Myth 2: Sterling Silver Can’t Get Wet

Contrary to popular belief, sterling silver jewelry is actually very resistant to water.

This means that you don’t need to worry about taking off your pieces when showering, swimming or other activities that involve getting wet. Just make sure to dry it off completely after getting it wet.

However, you should be taking it off before applying lotions, oils and perfumes, as these can dull the shine of your silver.

Myth 3: Sterling Silver Jewelry Isn’t Stylish Enough

Stylish sterling silver

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Many designers have been using sterling silver in their collections for years now, creating stunning pieces that look just as good as those made with more expensive metals.

Its versatility allows it to be used in almost any style; from minimalistic designs meant for everyday wear, to intricate statement pieces perfect for special occasions – there’s something out there for everyone!

Macy’s has a full range of sterling silver jewellery. Tell me this isn’t stylish.

Myth 4: Sterling Silver Jewelry Will Look Fake And Low-Grade

If you buy quality sterling silver jewelry from a trusted retailer or designer then you won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to looking fake – real sterling silver looks just as beautiful (if not even better!) than any other metal on the market today! It can be very well a piece of everyday jewelry.

Silver has been a treasured accessory for centuries and in many cultures – adorning the necks and arms of queens, kings, princes and princesses alike.

But this precious metal wasn’t only used to create beautiful jewelry; it was also employed in crafting all manner of weapons too!

Myth 5: Sterling Silver Jewelry Tarnishes Quickly

Tarnish Silver ring

This myth is slightly true – all sterling silver will eventually tarnish over time due to exposure to air and moisture.

However, this process can be easily reversed with proper cleaning methods which will help keep your jewelry looking good-as-new for much longer than expected!

Proper Cleaning Method For Sterling Silver Jewelry

The best way to do this is by using soft material cleaning cloths either specifically designed for sterling silver, or you can make an at-home solution with warm water and mild dish soap.

For mild dish soap, I use Dawn dish soap. One tinny drop in a cup of warm water and give it a gently rubbing with a microfibre soft cloth.

To tell you the truth, spending extra money on “special sterling silver cloth” is a waste of money.

Some examples of cleaning cloth: has a full array of solutions on how to clean silver and what to buy. From cotton balls to sponges, they have it all straightened out for you. article

Myth 6: Pure Silver Is Way Better

Even in the purest form, pure silver (99.9%) might look better than sterling silver (92.5%) in the eyes of a professional, but the difference in look is barely visible to the naked untrained eye and it also costs a lot more.

Pure silver is a lot softer than sterling silver, and less malleable so it scratches and bends easily and needs extra care when storing or wearing it.

Almost like the highly sought gold, which is another beautiful precious metal, but so expensive in its “pure form”

Sterling silver is much more durable and resistant to scratches – and it also costs a lot less. So if you’re looking for a good quality silver jewelry piece that won’t break the bank, sterling silver is your best bet!

Can I Have An Allergic Reaction To Silver?

Allergy from Sterling Silver

Some people are allergic to silver, but it’s not the metal itself that causes an allergic reaction and it can be different for each person.

It could be due to the other metals or alloys used in creating sterling silver jewelry, as well as manufacturing and cleaning products used which contain chemicals like nickel.

Some manufacturers could also use low-quality metals. Even the purest form of silver could cause an allergic reaction.

The best way to find out if you’re allergic or not is to take a trip to your local doctor, who can help diagnose and treat any allergies you may have or perform a patch test by wearing your new jewellery for about 24 hours to see if there is any reaction.

A chemical reaction can happen when a piece of silver jewelry is worn without having an allergy to silver. This is actually my case.

If I wear silver necklaces or silver alloy metal, the jewellery will become brown in a matter of hours!

I don’t get any pains or rashes about it but this is due to the acid and natural oil produced by your skin. How weird is this?

In A Nutshell

From its affordability and durability to its stylishness and resistance against tarnish, there are many reasons why people love wearing sterling silver jewelry – even if they don’t know it yet!

Now that we’ve debunked some of the most common myths associated with this precious metal, hopefully, more people will feel empowered enough to give this timeless material a try and get their beauty on!

So go ahead – treat yourself (or someone else) by investing in some quality sterling silver jewelry today as it has been one of the most popular choices for decades.

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