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Meal Kits Recipe Reviews

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Why trusting me for your meal kits recipe reviews?

I’ve been cooking for three decades with a passion for food and healthy habits.

Since the COVID pandemic, I’ve explored meal kits, and some recipes were not up to par, so I’ve decided to review and enhance them for you!

I even shop for ingredients myself, saving up to 50% compared to meal kits like Chef’s Plate, HelloFresh, and GoodFood.

I will give you the cost of each ingredient and the cost of the meal if you shop for the ingredients yourself.

Let’s get cooking!

Full disclosure: I do this for free and am not sponsored or paid to review these services. However, if you sign up through my links, I may receive a free meal kit at no extra cost to you but guess what? You will receive the same free box as me! Win-Win. 

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