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GoFit ProGym Extreme Review 2022

GoFit ProGym Extreme Review: Best Gym Equipment For Busy Parents

As a busy parent myself, you know that finding time to go to the gym can be tough. But with the GoFit ProGym Extreme, you can get a great workout right at home!

This gym equipment is perfect for parents (and for everyone else) who want to get in shape but don’t have time to go to the gym.

And trust me, I was so glad to have found this product to be so effective. I’ve been working out for almost 25 years, then came the Covid pandemic…and a baby! Ah. Sounds familiar everyone?

I lost all my muscles within three years and I was desperate to go back in shape. In fact, it took about 8 months before I lose everything. Yeah, 25 years of hard workouts vs 8 little months to lose it all. Talk about a reality check.

In this review and blog, I will show you this amazing “gym-in-a-bag” product.

With GoFit ProGym Extreme, there’s no need to join a gym or pay for expensive personal training sessions. You can get fit and stay healthy in the comfort of your own home – and at your own pace with this resistance band economic fitness package.

Table of Contents


GoFit ProGym Extreme Tubes Kit

The GoFit ProGym Extreme Tubes Kit is a comprehensive gym equipment kit that comes with a variety of features to help you get in shape.

This product includes:

  1. Two padded ankle straps
  2. Two solid professional-grade handles
  3. Two reinforced door anchors
  4. Four resistance premium rubber tubes
  5. An exercise book
  6. A travel bag

With this kit, you can choose from four different strength grades to create your perfect workout routine from 20lbs to 50lbs. All combined together you can get up to 140lbs of resistance.

On a side note, you can also buy the GoFit ProGym Ultimate Tubes Kit that will come with the same equipment mentioned above but the only difference is it will not come with the 50lbs resistance tube so you will have a maximum of 90lbs total resistance when combined.

Both GoFit ProGym Extreme and Ultimate come in a bag for your travelling convenience.

For the difference in price and usability, I would suggest buying the Extreme Kit right off the bat.

Standard Benefits

  • Benefit 1: A great alternative to expensive gym equipment
  • Benefit 2: Best for busy parents that don’t have time to go to the gym
  • Benefit 3: No chemical smell and feels super solid with quality rubber bands

Emotional benefits:

  • Feel proud of yourself as you see your fitness progress
  • Be healthier
  • Gives you an excuse to take a break from your busy parenting and life


The Manual :

GoFit ProGym Extreme Exercise Book

The exercise manual comes with detailed colour images of exercises you can do with the kit. It will show you how to use the reinforced door anchors and the other tools that come with the kit.

I would suggest that you read carefully about how to use the door anchors so you don’t hurt yourself or force the hinges of your door (speaking out of experience here. ugh.)

The Mesh Bag:

GoFit ProGym Extreme Mesh Bag

Simple yet, solid and sexy! Trust me everything fits inside. Really convenient for frequent travellers.

The Power Handles

GoFit ProGym Extreme Power Handles

Very solid with a non-slippery rubber material. It has double stitches on the handles to make it almost impossible to tear.

A little drawback, the handles feel a little bit small, below the standard of the professional metal handles at the gym but you get used to it rapidly.

The Padded Ankle Straps

GoFit ProGym Extreme Padded Ankle Straps

Very solid material with double stitches so you can load up the weight on it. Comfortable too. You just need to “snap it” in place with the velcro side on the material.

Drawback: Hairy legs and velcro do NOT go well together ah. Yes, I tested that and it surely hurt like hell when you pull hair while working out your legs with the straps.

Reinforced Door Anchors

GoFit ProGym Extreme Reinforced Door Lock

This is where the magic happens. If you don’t have any “power rack” or any structure to that you can attach your resistance tubes, then you have to use these door anchors. Again, read carefully about how to use them.

They are very solid. Double stitches as the other materials and you will probably unhinge your door before the anchors break.

BIG WARNING and Advice:

I’ve made extensive research before pulling the trigger and buying this specific kit from GoFit. I shopped in many stores, looked at many brands and I read tons of reviews, suggestions, etc.

This was the best I’ve found and fully tested for 4+ months (and my wife is using it as well)

PLEASE STAY AWAY from knock-offs. They are dangerous. Not only you will have the bad chemical smells of highly toxic PVC mixed with cheap recycled rubber, you might not even have the right strength as mentioned on the tubes.

Worst, it will eventually snap and hurt you. I saw some deep laceration pictures of online users from knock-offs: fingers, face, legs and even on the back of the head!

The materials will be cheap as well with no regard for your safety.

Like one of my friends told me once: Pay now or pay later

Recommendation: Stay away from Amazon and Walmart (online marketplace). 90% of all the resistance tubes or bands’ kits you will find are most likely cheap knock-offs and the real GoFit brand is overpriced on these websites.

On top of that, they will sell their cheap kit for about half of the price of the real one. Too good to be true? Yes, it is for the reasons I mentioned above.

I paid $69.99 CAD for my package at (non-affiliate link) and you will also have a credit kickback for future purchases! How cool is that? I can confirm this is the real stuff and will last you for years as long as you train properly and you follow the instructions.

PS: I don’t get any credits or commission to talk about their website, I just like buying there


In a nutshell and final thoughts:

5 stars out of 5 for me

• A great alternative to expensive gym equipment

• Best for busy parents that don’t have time to go to the gym

• No chemical smell and feels super solid with quality rubber bands

• Comes with an exercise manual with detailed colour images of exercises

• Very easy to travel with!

If you are a busy parent and looking for an alternative to expensive gym equipment, the GoFit ProGym Extreme is perfect for you.

The only downside is that the handles feel a little bit small, but you get used to it rapidly. Overall, this is an excellent product and I highly recommend it!

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