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All Starts With a Twisted Brain And Some Cojones

I’ve been a Virtual Event Expert / Marketing and Web Developer for companies since 1999. 

I never had my own voice. This is the time for me to shine and say what I want to say.

To bring the truth to subjects that annoy me the most, and post news and facts that matter to me and bring them to you.

To bring the hottest news fresh off the press, reviews, and geeky stuff. 

I’m passionate about Health and Fitness, Food and Tech Stuff. So I will write pretty often about those.  

Warning. I do have strong opinions on subjects that matter, that hurt and that impact me. 


The year I’ve got the cojones to start a real blog that has impact

something you need to know about me

I have misophonia, you live dangerously if you eat an apple beside me or if you slurp your soup at a table. Just telling you this gets my heart pumping. So I’ll jump to the 02!


I hate being fooled around, cheated or scammed. I’m not shy to tell you about your monkey business and if something that doesn’t sound right to me,  I won’t be such a gentleman about it.

That’s why I will bring many posts about that matter above. 


I’m a very good cook! Don’t tell anyone though, I keep everything for my wife and my son. 

That’s why you will see me post lots of articles on food and products that matter to me. 

team behind (ME for now, but it will grow)
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Simon The Fourteen

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