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All Starts With a Twisted Brain And Some Cojones

Oh! Hello there!

I’m truly passionate about food and healthy lifestyle.

With over 30 years of experience in the culinary world, I’ve cultivated a deep love for cooking, exploring innovative meal kits, sharing recipe reviews, and discovering life hacks that make everyday living both delicious and health-conscious.

I also completed my first half-marathon in the fall of 2023 as I fell in love with running a while ago, which became my other passion. I run about 30+km per week as my training…and fun!

Join me on my journey as I blend my love for food and health with the pursuit of a balanced and wholesome life.

Let’s savour the flavours of food and health together!


The year I’ve got the cojones to start this blog

something you need to know about us (me)


I have misophonia, you live dangerously if you eat an apple beside me or if you slurp your soup at a table. Just telling you this gets my heart pumping. So I’ll jump to the 02!


I hate being fooled around, cheated or scammed. I’m not shy to tell you about your monkey business and if something doesn’t sound right to me,  I won’t be such a gentleman about it.


I’m a very good cook! I’ve been THE home Chef for all my relationships and am proud of it. I live a healthy lifestyle with my wife and son. I watch all the TV shows and documentaries about the food industry.


I love running. It became my passion over the pandemic. I like to push myself to the limit and I’m always trying to beat my records. I’m into 5K, 10K and Half-Marathon.

Good food and healthy lifestyle…this is what makes me run faster and go beyond my limits.


I couldn’t cook a dessert to save my life! My wife does it for me. Never had a “sweet” tooth so never been tempted to learn baking…for now anyway.

team behind (ME for now, but it will grow)
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Simon The Fourteen

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It Could Be You

Contact me if you have great writing skills. If you like impactful news and stories and if you can write high-ranking SEO blog articles about food and healthy lifestyle.

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what you need to know

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